Customizing Qlik Sense script editor

Hi guys and girls!, in my first (useful I guess) post I will show you how to customize the script editor in QlikSense (Desktop or Server). This is a safe hack cause you are not modifying any core css file or using any extra js code.

First, install Stylish, this is a Chrome extension that enable to change the default css from known sites as Facebook, Twitter and others (go to and look around…). But you can also define your own style!!!, in this case for the script editor we will define some simple rules (not all of them) as follows…

Create a new style

And in the code section, write these styles

.CodeMirror pre {
background: black;
.cm-operator {
color: white;
.CodeMirror-scroll {
background: black;

Make sure to complete the textbox with URL begins with “http://localhost:4848/dataloadeditor/app/”

Also you can replace localhost, with the ip or server name for Qlik sense server

Then you can apply from the stylish menu

The result as follows


  • Change other CSS elements/classes to complement the style
  • Maybe create an GitHub repository with script editor themes?

Happy scripting!

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